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              Kellogg Company’s commitment to diversity can be traced back to our founder, W.K. Kellogg, who was a pioneer in employing women in the workplace and reaching across cultural boundaries. The company continues his legacy more than 100 years later by making diversity and inclusion top priorities.

              Throughout our rich and proud history, we have made significant strides toward the more equitable inclusion of women, people of color, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender individuals, people with disabilities, veterans and other demographic groups. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of our consumers throughout our company. We have done much to achieve this objective, and we are firmly committed to making continued progress.

              A Competitive Advantage

              Our focus on diversity enables us to build a culture where all employees are inspired to share their passion, talents and ideas. They become part of a team that works to better serve the needs of our diverse consumers by delivering fresh thinking, product innovations and quality brands.

              In addition, thanks to technology, demographic shifts and worldwide connectivity, we live in a world where change occurs at a rapid clip. For Kellogg to be part of, and ahead of, that change, we know we must continue our progress in diversity and inclusion - allowing us to bring our best to people all around the world every day.

              Office of Diversity and Inclusion

              About 10 years ago, Kellogg made diversity and inclusion a key corporate initiative. And in 2005, Kellogg established an Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

              Since that time, this office has been singularly focused on recruiting and retaining diverse employees, creating awareness of diversity issues, fostering a supportive, positive environment where inclusive behaviors are the norm, and embedding accountability for diversity throughout the organization.

              Through these efforts we place value in our people and nurture their development while ensuring that all employees go through a consistent process and have equal opportunity for success.

              We are committed to creating an environment where all employees are included, are treated with dignity and respect and are in a position to contribute to our future success. Fostering all employees’ passion for our business will help us win in the marketplace.

              Kellogg Company is making great progress in the area of diversity and inclusion. But we still have work to do and much to learn.

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